Why do you need Insspired Spaces?

  • Because you want your interiors to be aesthetically beautiful.
  • Because you want your interiors to be highly functional.
  • Because you want your space to be unique and different.
  • Because you want value for your money.
  • Because you want the best possible solution since the next round of space improvement may happen after a long time 

At Insspired Spaces we make your journey of transforming spaces enjoyable and stress free. We at Insspired Spaces put an effort to understand your requirement. Requirements that are told to us and also those that are implied. We gauge your untold wishes and deep desires of your new home or work space. Keeping this as a base we work on concepts and design solutions.


Just like every child is different, every home or work space will have different needs. At Insspired spaces, we strive to give the much needed unique look to each one of our client. We are equipped with the right experience, qualification and exposure to deliver exactly what you need. The needs of family members or work colleagues are taken into consideration; they form integral part of our brief.

To guide you with the entire process, we present the layout options and rendered sketches at a nominal cost, to give you an idea of how the space will evolve to be. You get the final output with moving single furniture of the space and yet get a crystal clear idea of the future space. 


Function and Design

For us, function precedes design. 
What is the point of having a beautiful space if it does not allow you to function efficiently? In our designs, we primarily take into consideration the various activities that are to be conducted in your space. Basis this, we design the aesthetics around these attributes. This ensures a smooth and efficient functioning of the day to day activity and a beautiful ambient environment that lifts up the moods and spirits of your space. We strive to deliver beautiful and yet functional spaces that are unique for each of our client. 


Research and Execution

Before we get on to any execution, we first gather market information related to the project. This varies from procuring the material from reliable vendors to acquiring the latest trends that are being adopted world-wide. The adept sense of picking the material for design, durability, value for money point of view, brings the best of trend and material to the table. 


Finishing Touches

Having been around for more than 15 years in this business, we have Strong team collaboration with various talented craftsmen who help us achieve that finish and desired look. Our job is not done until the tiniest of responsibilities are carried out. Our valuable skilled men do their due diligence to deliver a finished sparkling space before we handover your space to you. At the end of every project, our workmanship talks for our name. 



You have made us stand where we stand today. We are grateful to all our clients who have trusted us their homes and work places. You form an integral part for Insspired Spaces who have been passing on the good word for us. To name a few of our clients: 

-  Tupperware Experience Center & various Tupperware offices

-  Lounge for Earthscape Properties & Resorts Pvt. Ltd.
-  Greenearth Resorts, Wada
​-  My Stores Disha Direct: Thane, Bhaynder & Vashi

​-  Office for DH&A an Architects firm, Hubali

-  Hospital for Dr. Sudhanshu Mehta, Ratnagiri

-  Clinic for Dr. Pratyush Chaudhari, Ratnagiri

-  I.C.U & Clinic for Dr. Parkar, Ratnagiri

-  Blood Bank for Dr. Yoganand Patil, Koparkhairne

- 3 Star Hotel at Humpi (In progress)

Insspired Spaces, Proprietorship


Founded: 1999

Owner: Bhoopali Chauhan


Areas of expertise: Homes, Corporates, Retail, Offices, Hospitals, Clinics,

Hospitality and Landscaping. 

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