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  Insspired Spaces 
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Insspired Spaces

At Insspired Spaces we strive to deliver the aesthetically
beautiful spaces and enabling our clients to make the optimum use of their space.  To achieve our vision, we pool in right talent that is needed for our clients, be it residential, commercial or service oriented set-up.

Our strong team of talent comprises of veteran Architects, designers, draftsmen, craftsmen and skilled artisans. We collaborate with each talent depending upon the project requirement, to do justice to the space that we have
been trusted with. This collaboration helps to be a one stop shop from design to execution. The right blend of experience, talent and qualifications makes our team stronger and suitable for all kinds of jobs. 

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Bhoopali Chauhan
Chief Interior Designer

A visionary designer who has  accomplished 15 years of experience in key interior designing projects across various sectors. Her ability to transform any given space into a dreamscape makes her a unique artist. Insspired Spaces is her brain child and has enabled her to multi-task efficiently than ever before. 

Insspired Spaces, Proprietorship


Founded: 1999

Owner: Bhoopali Chauhan


Areas of expertise:  Homes, Corporates, Retail, Offices, Hospitals, Clinics, Hospitality and Landscaping.